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SI Instruments releases new precision torque test systems

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SI Instruments announces the availability of the new Mecmesin Helixa torque testers designed to measure low and medium torque variations with excellent accuracy and control on a variety of delicate or finely-engineered products.

The sensitivity and precise alignment of the torque test systems make it suitable for testing high quality assemblies such as those found in the cosmetics, jewellery, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Mecmesin Helixa torque testers are recommended for precision design applications, where torque values may be very small and accuracy is a critical requirement. The system’s counterbalancing mechanism allows the removal of axial force, while also enabling the application of precise top-load or tensile force when required.

Key features of Mecmesin Helixa torque testers include ability to align drive spindle for precise concentricity with the intelligent torque cell; interchangeable intelligent torque cells accepted for measurement from just a few N.mm up to 6 N.m, with 1:6,500 resolution and accuracy of ±0.5% of full scale; and Mecmesin’s powerful Emperor Software for control. While the Helixa-i is connected to a PC and also available as a touch-screen model, the Helixa-xt offers the additional convenience of a self-contained unit.

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