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Pool fence testing kits from SI Instruments

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SI Instruments  introduces pool fence testing kits consisting of key components necessary for testing the strength and rigidity of pool fences.  

The testing kits can test pool fences as per the guidelines for testing requirements set out in Australian Standard 1926.1-2007 to ensure young children cannot gain unsupervised entry to the fenced area around a pool.  

The pool fence testing kits from SI Instruments include a 500N analogue force gauge, which is easy to use and read, simplifying the test setup.  

The analogue force gauge is designed with an ergonomic cradle to allow operation with both hands for more efficient testing. The highest reading is shown until manually cleared and there are no batteries, ensuring the gauge works every time.  

The testing kit also includes a cone according to AS 1926.1-2007, manufactured to the specified size from HDPE to reduce weight. Adjustable strapping ensures the cone can be easily positioned in the centre of the fence openings, which must be able to withstand a minimum force of 150N.  

Attached to the opposite end of the same gauge is a compression plate designed for the testing of structural components, which must withstand an initial minimum force of 250N, and 330N after inspection. The compression plate is rubber-padded to prevent damage to the fence.  

The complete kit is supplied in a durable and rugged carry case.

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