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New Mecmesin Vortex-I torque testers from SI Instruments

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article image Mecmesin Vortex-I torque tester
SI Instruments  introduces a versatile new range of PC controlled torque testers from Mecmesin in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
The new Vortex-i completes Mecmesin’s range of three motorised torque testing systems, which includes the basic Vortex-d and the tablet PC driven Vortex-Xt test system.
Mecmesin’s Vortex-i torque testers bring quality control measurement straight to the point of manufacture with the simple set-up process allowing manufacturers to test clockwise and counter-clockwise torques of packaging components such as the application and release torque of screw closures.
Designed for R&D as well as routine measurements, the torque tester provides users with detailed results data and reporting capabilities, if required. Vortex-I torque testers are available in a selection of models rated up to 10Nm.
Managing Director of Mecmesin, John Page explains that their goal is to make routine sample checks as easy as possible, given that manufacturers want to make instant, time-expedient checks on their products before shipment.
He adds that the Vortex-i maintains a strong focus on R&D applications. The motorised torque tester can also be programmed for those occasions where special one-off test routines are needed.
Users have the choice of viewing a graphical ‘live’ display of the test for observational purposes, or multiple test results in tabulated form to begin making comparisons and subsequently to evaluate them in greater depth with a choice of calculations.
Password protection allows administrators to alter test set-up and template design, thereby avoiding any accidental changes to programmable functions.

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