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MECMESIN MultiTest motorised test stands, available in Australia exclusively from SI Instruments Pty Ltd , provide cost effective and easy-to-use operation for production, quality control laboratory or R&D departments.

Manufactured using rigid aluminium base casing and fabricated steel housing, Mecmesin MultiTest motorised test stands provide a high degree of rigidity and strength for solving a wide range of force measurement applications.

Two models of the MultiTest motorised test stand are available.

The MultiTest-1 accommodates specimens with heights of up to 510 mm and can apply tensile or compressive load up to 1000N. Test speeds between 2.5-1000 mm/min can be selected to ensure that components and products are tested at a consistent rate, thereby ensuring maximum repeatability.

The MultiTest-2.5 is a more compact testing machine with higher load rating. A capacity of 2500 N makes it the ideal choice for test samples with heights up to 290 mm in tension and compression with a test speed range of 2.5-750 mm/min.

Features common to both the MultiTest-1 and MutliTest-2.5 include:

*Dynamic braking for enhanced stopping control.

*Single ball-screw drive for precision linear motion.

*Adjustable travel limit switches.

*Stop and reverse of moving crosshead at sample break or alarm point.

*Greater repeatability when testing compared to manual test systems.

*CE marking.

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