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Mecmesin introduces MultiTest X5 test stand

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Mecmesin has introduced MultiTest X5 test stand. The MultiTest X5 is a single column 5 kN tension and compression tester, fitted with a load and deflection measurement system, and is operated via a keypad.
The MultiTest X5 is designed for ongoing production control testing on the shop floor. Simple and advanced test routines can be pre-programmed in the MultiTest X5, so that the operator has to only call up the test routine and start the measurement.
Data output via the RS 232 connector can also be programmed to send the required results in the format and sequence ready to be interfaced to the factory’s data management system. The Mecmesin MultiTest X5 is standard supplied with a 5 kN load cell; lower capacity load cells are available for highly accurate measurement at the lower end of the force scale.

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