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Mecmesin advanced force gauge

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article image The Mecmesin AFG M3.

SI Instruments has introduced the new Mecmesin advanced force gauge, the AFG M3, that combines fast sampling rate of 1200Hz, with 0.1% overall accuracy.

The Mecmesin AFG M3 is fully featured with many user configurable software options including:

* User selectable units, which also converts already measured data.

* Normal peak hold capturing, first peak hold capturing and data capturing through external events for the checking of operation forces of eg. electrical switches.

* User selectable resolution and display update rate for optimum customisation for the different applications.

* Memory for 100 data points, which can be downloaded directly to the PC.

* Bi-directional RS232 communication interface for continuous downloading of data enabling the user to create force vs. time plots on the PC.

* Pass and fail alarm limits, fully programmable with audible and visual warnings on reaching the limits.

* Feedback facility for reaching alarm limits, or reaching material breakage which can be used for signalling the end of the test to a motorised test stand.

The most innovative feature is the ability to connect external force and torque sensors. With the artificial intelligence, the force gauge is able to recognise both the capacity of the external sensor as well as its calibration settings.

Therefore, the force or torque sensor will be recognised automatically, also adopting its most applicable units of measurement and the gauge is ready for use.

The enhanced software features give the Mecmesin advanced force gauges additional applications where conventional force gauges cannot be used.

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