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Mecmesin Vortex i torque tester

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The new Mecmesin Vortex i, is now available from S.I. Instruments.  It is a computer controlled closure torque tester for laboratory or production applications.

The Vortex i is driven by Mecmesin’s Windows based Imperial software, enabling the user to generate custom routines with looping and branching conditions based on torque, angle and time.

Full graphical analyses with zooming, marking, scaling and calculation interrogation are standard features. Data and reports can be exported and linked to Word and Excel or printed via its own reporting option. The Mecmesin Vortex i ranges up to 10 Nm torque, with an accuracy of 0.25%.

Typical applications are: testing of child resistance closures, applying compressive load during torque test, testing feel of automotive control, measuring on/off torque and angles for rotary switch, upper grips specially moulded for specimen, Double Vee lower grips.

The unit can be fitted with a pneumatically controlled top load device for child resistance closure testing.

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