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Mecmesin Emperor Software for compression testing, from SI Instruments

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article image Mecmesin's MultiTest-i test frame for compression testing

Now available from SI Instruments , Mecmesin's new generation of Emperor Software has been specifically designed for tension and compression testing in quality control laboratories where the mechanical properties of manufactured products need to be assessed on a routine basis.

Emperor controls Mecmesin's MultiTest-i test stands, their most comprehensive system with capacities from 1kN to 50kN, and when used with Emperor Software enables the user to create sophisticated test programs via computer.

Intelligent loadcells mounted on the MultiTest-i test frame download compression testing data synchronously at a rate of up to 2000 times a second, directly to a PC via the serial port. This ensures high accuracy of compression testing, particularly where peak loads are being recorded.

Emperor software has been specifically designed to work with the MultiTest-i range of test frames, combining ease-of-use with powerful programming tools, to make it the ideal choice for sophisticated tension and compression testing routines in the laboratory.

There are two modules within Emperor. The force gauge emulator is a virtual instrument console, which enables specimens to be tested at fixed speed. The maximum tensile and compressive loads sustained can be displayed, and a simple test report can be printed. The emulator is entirely mouse-driven, eliminating the need for a keyboard in the test area.

The programmed testing module enables sophisticated control and analysis procedures to be developed via Emperor’s powerful yet user-friendly Windows interface. Test data can be graphically interrogated, replayed, assessed against pass/fail criteria, compiled into batch reports, and exported to other software, e.g. spreadsheets or SPC package.

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