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Manually operated digital closure torque tester

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article image Round containers are securely held by adjustable clamp posts.

THE Mecmesin Orbis is a manually operated digital closure torque tester of up to 6Nm capacity and is available from force, torque and tensile testing equipment suppliers SI Instruments .

Suitable for use in beverage, production and quality control areas the Mecmesin Orbis provides low cost and accurate readings of closure torque.

Containers of round or irregular shapes with diameters of up to 160mm can be quickly and securely held between the easily adjustable clamp posts.

Peak values and release torque are displayed on a digital display in all common units of measurement such as lbs/in and Nm. Peak and release torque data can be automatically transferred to a PC, printer or datalogger via a RS232 output.

The Mecmesin Orbis has a high sampling rate of 1000Hz, minimising variability in peak readings caused by operators of the torque tester applying torque at different speeds. This is a common problem with mechanical 'spring-type' testers and units with a low sampling rate, which the Orbis overcomes through superior design.

The digital torque tester is constructed from anodised aluminium combined with a stainless steel top-plate which is sculpted to incorporate a drip tray. This tray can be conveniently wiped clean after any spillage with minimal risk of liquid ingress into the unit.

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