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Kistler maXYmo BL XY Monitors from SI Instruments for Quality Assurance and Product Testing

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Kistler’s maXYmo BL XY monitors are available in Australia and New Zealand through SI Instruments .  

The new range of Kistler XY monitors is designed for process monitoring and product testing applications in industrial environments.   

The process monitors feature a compact monitor incorporating practical functions, sophisticated menu concept, bright 3.5" colour touch screen display and numerous interfaces for user-friendly operation.  

The maXYmo BL XY monitors are used in the monitoring of joining and assembly operations as well as testing products and materials.  

The maXYmo BL monitors and evaluates the quality of a product or production step on the basis of a curve, achieving this by recording the interrelation of all of the measurands that can be measured with piezoelectric or strain gage sensors on the Y-channel, and potentiometric sensors on the X-channel.  

Kistler offers a wide selection of force, torque, displacement and angle sensors for the maXYmo BL, which are accordingly based on the piezoelectric, strain gauge or potentiometric measuring principle.  

The basic level maXYmo BL is optimised for mounting in a front panel. An optional additional case allows mounting on a vertical panel of a machine or on a desktop with continuous adjustment of the angle of view.  

Key functions enabled by the maXYmo BL XY monitors: 

  • All evaluation objects can be edited by means of numerical entries or by dragging and dropping them on the graphical user interface
  • Each evaluation object can be aligned relative to absolute or dynamic reference points
  • Two real-time outputs can be allocated to a choice of the X- or Y-channel and used for simple control functions
  • Current and historical warning messages and alarms, a diagnostic memory for recent curves and a bar chart for finding the sources of NOKs facilitate traceability in the event of problems
  • Access authorisations for different user groups protect against tampering
  • Provides 16 measurement programs for 16 different types of parts
  • Can exchange measurement data, process values or control signals and allow remote maintenance using Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus DP and digital IO interfaces
  • Traceable measurement data and evaluation results can be exported for each part via Ethernet or USB

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