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KSM A400 electro mechanical press spindles from SI Instruments

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article image The KSM A400 electro mechanical press spindle

Staiger Mohilo offer a complete range of individually engineered force and torque measurement solutions to suit test rig applications, research and development, production processes and quality assurance.

The NC controlled electro mechanical press spindles, available from SI Instruments , are widely used throughout the German automotive industry for press fit and interference fit assembly. With the hollow shaft motor versions up to 15kN and conventional design up to 200kN, Kistler Staiger Mohilo have achieved a very compact and robust design, saving on production line space when integrated with force and displacement sensors.

Force versus Displacement monitoring is performed by the new KSM A400 press fit monitor. The KSM A400 combines sampling rates of up to 5kHz with an extensive number of algorithms to ensure that every part is monitored correctly and only 100% correctly fitted parts are passed on to the next production station.

Truly integrated, 100% reliable solution for multiple press stations in assembly machines can be realised with the new Kistler Staiger Mohilo NCF systems. Communications with manufacturing execution software can be achieved through Ethernet, Profibus, Interbus or a straight forward parallel connection. Function blocks for Siemens S7, Allen Bradley and other PLC’s are readily available.

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