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Basic force gauge in six capacities

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article image Combined BFG and test stand.

SI Instruments has announced the release of the new Mecmesin basic force gauge BFG. The BFG combines high accuracy with high sampling rate.

It is available in six force capacities, ranging from 10N up to a maximum of 2500N.

The ergonomically designed aluminium housing is completely machined thus it is very robust and well sealed off for dusty environments.

The BFG is fitted with an LCD display, with reverse display option and backlighting. An RS232 output for further data processing is fitted as standard.

The unit can be mounted on test stands. Combining the Mecmesin MDD manual test stand with the BFG creates a budget tensile tester.

The stand is hand-wheel operated ensuring exact positioning of the cross head. The rugged frame is capable of tension and compression loads of up to 1000N.

Applications include, materials tension and compression testing, crimped terminal and lug testing, peel force testing, pierce testing and switch operation force measurement.

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