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Affordable food texture analyser released

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SI Instruments has released the latest addition to the FTC line of food testing instruments. The TMS-Pro is designed as an affordable alternative to other high priced test systems and is unsurpassed when the application calls for precise force, position and speed control.

The TMS-Pro is fully computer driven. Simple and advanced testing routines can be written by the user by pulling down menus and filling in dialogue boxes.

Similarly, the results calculations and presentations can be derived using similar pull down menus and dialogue boxes.

The use of the software is intuitive and very easy to learn. In depth analysis can be done manually, by zooming into the graphs and highlighting points of interest.

Routine calculations can be reported by the press of one button and exported to in ASCII format.

With a capacity of 1000N, in compression or tension, the TMS-Pro is capable of handling the toughest applications.

The system is supplied complete with the Texture Lab Pro software package for Windows PCs and a 1000N intelligent load cell.

The TMS-Pro will accept the full and expanding line of FTC test cells including the industry standard FTC Kramer Shear Cell.

Best of all the TMS-Pro is backed by FTC's 40 years of food texture measurement experience, applications development and legendary customer service.

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