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Effective exhaust brakes from SGV Exhaust Brakes

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SGV Exhaust Brakes  manufactures and supplies effective exhaust brakes ideal for trucks and heavy vehicles. When the exhaust brakes from SGV Exhaust Brakes is applied, the reverse torque gets generated at the drive wheels at same horse power as the motor will develop normally.

The breaking effect is increased as engine revolutions increase with exhaust brakes from SGV Exhaust Brakes. The vehicle can descent steep gradients fully loaded without recourse to the main brakes. This exhaust brakes is an effective emergency factor, in case the main brake fails to function.

With the exhaust brakes attached to the vehicle, the normal brake lining life is increased by approximately 300-400 per cent, as the heat and fade characteristics are not encountered. Exhaust brakes manufactured by SGV Exhaust Brakes are effective on engines and transmissions.

SGV Exhaust Brakes has carried out detailed experiments while designing the exhaust brakes. When an exhaust brake is fully applied, the pressure build to the maximum of up to 40/50 lbs. per square inch and this does not exceed 70 lbs. per sq. inch even with a petrol engine. The effect of this pressure is felt on the pistons connecting rod, crank shaft and bearings, which normally undergo severe stresses as a cushion.

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