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Price-competitive visual workstation

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SILICON Graphics (SGI ) has extended its workstation line with the new Tezro visual workstation, a powerhouse system that sets a new bar for desktop performance and reliability.

Tezro delivers leading-edge visualisation, multiprocessing, and digital media to technical and creative users and is designed to help individuals and teams deliver cutting-edge results in ever-shorter production cycles.

Silicon Graphics Tezro features quad-processing power, superior graphics quality and performance, high-bandwidth architecture, and full suite of professional digital media solutions.

Tezro also offers a breakthrough entry price point for a system of this calibre.

For users this means significantly higher value and higher performance with compute-intensive applications, advanced interactivity for high-resolution image manipulation, and real-time visualisation of large data sets, and industry-leading I/O connectivity for flexibility with storage and peripheral options.

The Tezro was designed for creative and technical users who continually seek higher application performance and more advanced levels of capability on the desktop.

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