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BREAKING new ground in advanced visualisation, Silicon Graphics (SGI ) has unveiled Onyx4 UltimateVision, the fourth generation of its visualisation system.

Onyx4 UltimateVision system brings highly-advanced visual computing within the reach of individuals and small design and engineering teams. Formerly, this level of graphics capability was affordable for only the most elite users.

The Onyx4 UltimateVision system raises the bar in visualisation by delivering:

* A system architecture that, in a single system configuration, scales from two to 32 graphics processors, or pipelines-more than twice the scalability over previous Onyx systems and 16 times over the nearest system competitor.

* Eight times the system performance of an Onyx InfiniteReality.

* Up to 80 times the pipe bandwidth over competing cluster solutions.

* Price points and configurations tailored to empower individuals, transform team productivity and scale to tackle the most extreme visualisation challenges.

The most pressing problem facing users of advanced visualisation systems is managing and manipulating the terabytes of data required to transform datasets into visual representations.

Traditional graphics-focused solutions are unable to meet vast data requirements essential for visualisation.

However, the new Onyx4 system's innovative scalable system architecture and large shared memory are specifically designed to rapidly digest multi-terabyte datasets while focusing dozens of microprocessors and graphics processors effortlessly to tackle problems many times larger than ever before possible.

With this new architecture, users will be able to achieve high levels of detailed imagery in remarkable time. Examples include:

* Models of car interiors viewed at such granularity that materials appear real.

* Entire cars visualised in realtime with detail down to the weld.

* Oil exploration transformed by the ability to see five times the detail possible today.

* Cancers, viruses and other medical data viewed at three times greater granularity.

* The millions of cargo containers inspected annually scanned to the centimetre.

In addition, the new system supports SGI Visual Area Network (VAN) technology, giving advanced visualisation access to users throughout the organisation regardless of location via thin-client access and standard networks.

With these collective capabilities, Onyx4 is the first system designed to give a wide-range of users access to the most advanced visualisation capabilities.

Onyx4 systems are available immediately with configurations designed to meet the complex visualisation needs of the individual "power" user, of small teams collaborating to improve accuracy and delivery times, and of the most advanced visualisation experts.

Configurations range from two microprocessors and two pipelines, in a system that fits under a desk, to 64 microprocessors and 32 pipelines. For more extreme visualisation needs, custom solutions can be designed.

The system comes complete with the power and flexibility necessary to create extremely high-resolution environments.

Even the smallest configuration can deliver 20M pixels of highly interactive graphics, enough to power two ultrahigh-resolution 10M pixel LCD displays.

At the top end, Onyx4 can render more than 100M pixels of display, enough to power the next generation of fully immersive environments.

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