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06/05/05 - SGI has released a deskside model of the Silicon Graphics Prism visualisation system. It has up to 24GB of memory and two full bandwidth graphics pipelines. For oil and gas research, the system enables seismic analysts to view 20GB of data in a singl
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18/10/04 - SGI has released the Silicon Graphics Prism Linux-based visual computer product line.
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26/08/03 - BREAKING new ground in advanced visualisation, Silicon Graphics (SGI) has unveiled Onyx4 UltimateVision, the fourth generation of its visualisation system, that brings highly-advanced visual computing within the reach of individuals and small design
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26/08/03 - SILICON Graphics (SGI) has extended its workstation line with the new Tezro visual workstation, a powerhouse system that sets a new bar for desktop performance and reliability. Tezro delivers leading-edge visualisation, multiprocessing, and digital m

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