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X-Series industrial gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE

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article image The X-Series industrial gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE are suitable for use in heavy duty applications such as mining conveyors, bucket elevators, crushers, mixers, agitators and shipping cranes
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SEW-EURODRIVE  presents the robust helical and bevel-helical gear units, part of the X-Series of industrial gear units and covering a torque range of 6.8 to 475 kNm.

Produced on an independent platform, the robust X-Series industrial gear units incorporate a finely graduated size, which combined with high power density results in savings in both weight as well as cost.

The extremely large gear ratio of 6.3 to 450 in the X-Series enables SEW-EURODRIVE to meet all the requirements for a complete, comprehensive range of industrial gear units.

Helical and bevel-helical gear units can be installed in nearly any mounting position or shaft arrangement. Accessories such as motor adapters and mounting flanges, backstops and cooling systems as well as sealing systems for varied environmental conditions create flexibility in terms of adjusting the unit to each respective application.

Key applications of SEW X-Series industrial gear units:

  • Drives conveyor belts and bucket elevators for the horizontal and vertical transport of bulk material and packages
  • Runs the travel and hoist drive on cranes
  • Serves as a drive with reinforced bearings for mixers and agitators
The X-Series industrial gear units also find application in industries such as chemicals, food and environment as well as wood, paper, plastic and steel.

SEW-EURODRIVE compiles drive packages for customers with components including industrial gear units, a motor, couplings, brakes and steel frames.

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