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SEW to unveil decentralised drive system at NMW

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A new decentralised drive system that has been tailored for field installation will be unveiled by leading drives solution group, SEW-Eurodrive , at the National Manufacturing Week expo in May 2007.

Featuring either IP65 or optional self-draining IP69K aseptic design, SEW-Eurodrive’s MOVIFIT decentralised drive system provides the flexibility, scalability and powerful connectivity required to support Australia’s advanced materials handling applications.

According to SEW-Eurodrive, the new MOVIFIT system combines the advantages of decentralised control with new in drive application and communications technologies together with a high degree of enclosure protection.

MOVIFIT is the result of many years of drive-engineering experience, plus research and development, both here in Australia and around the world.

Site-toughened, all MOVIFIT modules are housed in a unique dual-chamber cast-aluminium enclosure and come in both standard IP65 and aseptic self-draining IP69K variants.

This contrasts with other decentralised offerings that present in simple plastic enclosures and incorporate crevices and contaminant trap-points that are non-compliant with hygienic clean area requirements.

Coupled with its onboard I/O, distributed power and fieldbus communications, SEW-Eurodrive’s MOVIFIT supports a wide variety of decentralised topologies and materials handling applications.

MOVIFIT offers Australian industry with new levels of drive system scalability and flexibility.

SEW’s research suggests that the MOVIFIT decentralised drive system can save up to 30 per cent in drive system design, installation and start-up costs.

The IP69K variant (to the DIN 40050-9 standard) is ideal for harsh manufacturing environments, is designed to withstand high-pressure/high-temperature water cleaning, and feature a unique plasticised coating that is scratchproof, inhibits bacteria build-up and is resistant to common industrial cleaning agents.

Self-draining and free of crevices and contaminant trap-points, the IP69K MOVIFIT complements SEW-Eurodrive’s DAS-series aseptic geared motors to form an ideal duo for applications in the food and beverage industry.

The system comprises three basic field-mountable drive interface units--the basic ‘building blocks’ of the MOVIFIT decentralised system:

· MOVIFIT-MC--Specifically designed to be used as a gateway for SEW-Eurodrive’s renowned MOVIMOT helical geared motor with integrated frequency inverter. Each MOVIFIT MC supports up to three MOVIMOT units

· MOVIFIT-SC--Provides electronic motor soft-start functionality for conventional geared motor units up to 4.0kw. The unit can support either two unidirectional gear motor units, or one bi-directional reversing motor

· MOVIFIT-FC--A decentralised frequency inverter, designed to support a single near-mounted geared motor unit up to 4.0kw

All three MOVIFIT modules are assembled in a fool-proof two-part assembly: an EBOX housing the control and power electronics and an ABOX for the field terminations.

Connectivity between the two is achieved via a simple self-locking mechanism that requires no inter-connecting wiring and ensures a high degree of sealing.

With industrial safety in mind, both the MOVIFIT-MC and MOVIFIT-SC modules include an integrated safety stop feature as standard.

This allows a reduction of the interposing relays and contactors required achieving safe protection against restart in AS4024 (Safety of Machinery. Safety related parts of control system part 1) Category 3 applications.

All MOVIFIT interface modules are available with common fieldbus interfaces including Ethernet-based protocols (ethernet/IP, ethernet MODBUS and profinet).

All modules come complete with a generous complement of onboard I/O including an LED status window, providing the right one in decentralised monitoring and control.

Connection to the field-mounted MOVIFIT and central PLC and field I/O is via cable glands or optional M12 connectors while main power supply can be connected through optional on-board isolator.

Near-mounted geared motor connection is via pluggable hybrid cable.

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