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SEW Eurodrive to unveil new MOVI-PLC PLC/motion controller at National Manufacturing Week 2009

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SEW Eurodrive  will showcase their new MOVI-PLC Kinematics at National Manufacturing Week 2009. Combining kinematics control with conventional motion control, the MOVI-PLC now provides manufacturers with six- ‘degree of freedom’ controllability comprising three-dimensional positioning and three planes of orientation delivering new levels of motion control flexibility.

The MOVI-PLC Kinematics builds on the popular MOVI-PLC advanced series, which combines conventional PLC control and multi-axis motion control into a single compact platform. With the addition of the kinematics feature, the addition to the MOVI-PLC family extends its functionality to three-dimensional path interpolation and tool rotation, accommodating corner rounding and ‘jogging’ of individual axis. These new features make the MOVI-PLC Kinematics suitable for gantry crane, pick-and-place and six-axis robotic applications.

According to Darren Klonowski, Strategic Marketing and Product Manager, SEW-Eurodrive, the MOVI-PLC Kinematics streamlines kinematics and conventional motion control on the manufacturing floor. Many manufacturing production lines require a designated kinematics controller for ‘coordinated motion’ applications and a separate controller for the associated auxiliary axis control. Manufacturers now only need one control solution to control multi-axis applications, as well as simple motion applications, such as in-feed and out-feed conveyors.

The new MOVI-PLC Kinematics also simplifies the programming of robotics and motion applications, programme code can be developed in sequential function chart, instruction list, ladder logic, function block diagram and structured text. The unit’s libraries come complete with a wide selection of standard functions and pre-written and tested motion blocks, designed for immediate use with the SEW-Eurodrive frequency inverter family.

Like all members of the MOVI-PLC family, the new MOVI-PLC Kinematics supports a wide range of industrial fieldbus communications protocols, including Ethernet, PROFIBUS/DeviceNet, CANopen and RS 485 interfaces. The MOVI-PLC can be incorporated into a broad array of system architectures: as a stand-alone controller supporting multiple connected drives, as a slave controller working in response to a supervisory PLC, or directly linked to a local SEW-Eurodrive Drive Operator Panel (DOP) for local control and monitoring.

Furthermore, the controller’s processor is responsible for MOVI-PLC Kinematics’ ability to support complex drive system computations, such as on-line motion calculations and kinematic transformations. As a result, it is the ideal control solution for high-speed machines and multi-axis robotic/drive applications.

The MOVI-PLC Kinematics can be seen a SEW-Eurodrive’s stand at National Manufacturing Week 2009, Stand 2905 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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