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SEW Eurodrive introduce CMS electric cylinder series

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SEW Eurodrive  have launched CMS electric cylinder series, a range of electric servomotor-driven actuating cylinders. It is an alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic actuating cylinders and provides accurate linear positioning for a range of single-plane motion applications.

The CMS electric cylinder series comprises four different models and features a synchronous servomotor with an integrated ball screw drive to generate linear motion, delivering a peak feed force of 20,000N at a maximum speed of 500mm/s. With a stroke length of up to 350mm, the CMS electric cylinder series is designed for applications where short accurate linear strokes are required, such as those involving a pushing, clamping or pressing action.

According to SEW Eurodrive, the new CMS electric cylinder series has a number of advantages. It achieves precise piston positioning, steady acceleration and speed profiles. The CMS electric cylinder series features scalable feed force capabilities, making it suitable for applications that require high levels of accuracy. Installation and maintenance costs are also minimal.

SEW Eurodrive’s new CMS electric cylinder series is easily integrated into plant-wide control system architectures, simplifying process automation. SEW Eurodrive observe that piston position and frequency of movement can be easily programmed and controlled through a servomotor controller, such as the SEW Eurodrive’s MOVIDRIVE ‘B’ application inverter. This allows users to define motion sequences and adjust electric cylinder travel or performance parameters electrically, rather than interrupting the application.

The CMS electric cylinder series can save energy, requires less maintenance and creates less noise. It is available with options such as electric holding brakes and feedback system configurations. A variety of mounting and spindle pitch alternatives are also available.

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