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SEW-Eurodrive extends new modular motor series

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SEW-Eurodrive,  will provide a sneak preview of its soon-to-be extended DR series of energy-efficient induction motors at National Manufacturing Week 2008.

SEW-Eurodrive leads the way in end-to-end drive system efficiency, with the imminent extension of its DR series to 45kW.

Featuring optimised design and including advanced cast-copper rotor technology variants, the extension to the DR series will provide Australian industry with new levels of motor efficiency.

The extended SEW-Eurodrive DR motor series will include two variants rated to varying efficiency levels--minimum-efficiency (DRE) (spanning 0.75 to 45kW) and premium efficiency (DRP) (spanning 0.75 to 37kW)--enabling users to address differing motor efficiency requirements worldwide.

“The extension to the DR motor range will allow manufacturers to realise energy savings across an increased range of motor applications on the plant floor,” said SEW-Eurodrive engineering manager, Frank Cerra.

“Manufacturers will be able to equip larger conveyors, mixers, pumps and materials handling equipment with energy-efficient drive solutions.”

The DRE and DRP motors will exceed the minimum energy-efficiency requirements specified in the Australian Standard, AS1359.5:2004 (Three-phase cage induction motors - high efficiency and minimum energy - performance standards requirements), and therefore are Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)-compliant.

Meeting MEPS has been a legal requirement for Australian manufacturers and importers of three-phase electric motors (ranging from 0.73 to 185kW) since its inception in October 2001.

The 2004 revision to the standard has seen the demanding EFF1 high-efficiency motor requirements, become the new minimum motor efficiency requirement.

The DR series boasts one of the most flexible designs on the market, with a myriad of options to suit a wide range of applications.

The DR series is also one of the few new breed of energy-efficient motors to be offered with a premium-efficiency option.

“Our premium efficiency DRP motors make very good sense for continuous or long-running drive applications, and can significantly minimise energy consumption, reduce operating costs and decrease greenhouse emissions” said Frank Cerra.

“The technology featured in the DR series permits these challenging new efficiency levels to be met in a range of frame sizes, while at the same time, delivering the flexibility that SEW-Eurodrive is renowned for.”

While MEPS-compliant (EFF1) motors have been available to Australian industry for some time, they have often been based on technologies that can present installation and application problems.

“EFF1 can be achieved by a range of methods, such as incorporating low-loss iron in the laminations, increasing the copper content in the stator windings, and generally increasing the active material in the motor,” explained Frank Cerra.

“While this achieves the EFF1 efficiency objective, the downside is that it quite often results in a higher inertia motor that is longer and larger in diameter than the standard motor. This can cause a range of practical drive-to-gear unit interface problems, reduce the dynamic performance characteristics of the motor, along with ‘physical fit’ problems when installed on factory-floor machinery.”

With this in mind, SEW-Eurodrive offers more compact copper rotor variants of the DRE and DRP induction motors in addition to the traditional aluminium rotor motors. Using a copper rotor reduces losses in the rotor, and consequently allows for increasing the power within one frame size. Copper variants are available at the transition from one frame size to the next.

The DR motor will be available in a variety of form-factors, including a choice of up to three different brake sizes per motor size, and various onboard inverter and starter options.

Rated up to IP66, the DR series can be supplied with a wide range of additional features and a variety of mounting alternatives that complement and extend SEW-Eurodrive’s modular drive systems.

Additional flexibility can be obtained via various incremental and absolute encoders, and a built-in encoder, positioned between the fan and motor casing. This means users are able to carry out motor-speed and position control applications, without any significant increase in the size of the motor.

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