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SEW-Eurodrive extend DR motor series with new two and six-pole variants

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article image SEW-Eurodrive has extended their DR motor series to include two and six-pole variants
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Sew-Eurodrive has now included two and six-pole variants to its energy-efficient DR motor series to compliment its already established four-pole DR motor varieties.

With a number of user-options, this now extended DR motor line-up provides the Australian industry with enhanced motor choice and flexibility.

The addition of these two and six-pole DR motor options enables more precise matching of gear ratios to a wider range of end-user applications. The two-pole motors are ideal for high-speed applications, such as fans or pumps, while the six-pole motors with slower operating speeds can be leveraged to circumvent the need for a multi-stage gear-unit. This has the effect of minimising the size of the gearmotor assembly, and reducing the cost to the end user.

The two-pole DR motor is offered in outputs ranging from 0.25 to 9.2kW, and the six-pole DR motor is available from 0.18 to 5.5kW. Both options are available in IE2-class DRE (high efficiency) and IE3-class DRP (premium efficiency) motor variants within the DR family.

The DR motor series meets efficiency classes worldwide, and boasts a highly flexible design with a wide range of options to a variety of applications. The DRP motors are ideal for continuous or long-running drive applications and can significantly minimise energy consumption, while also reducing operating costs and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Available in a variety of form-factors, compact DR motors are available with a choice of up to three different brake sizes per motor size, and various onboard inverter options.

With an environmental protection rating up to IP66, the DR motor series can be supplied with an extensive selection of features and mounting alternatives. Flexibility can be obtained via various incremental and absolute encoders, and a built-in encoder.

Sew-Eurodrive offers more compact copper-rotor variants of the DRE and DRP induction motors in addition to the traditional aluminium-rotor motors. This reduces losses in the rotor, and allows for increased power within one frame size.

The inclusion of the new two-pole and six-pole DR motor alternatives into the DR motor series offers flexibility for the end-user, and delivers optimised performance for an extensive spectrum of drive applications throughout industry.

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