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Packaged drives at Mining & Energy 2005

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THE Mining and Energy Exhibition 2005 will provide a venue for a display of end-to-end drives solutions tailored to applications in the mining and energy sectors, by global drives solution provider, SEW-Eurodrive .

The packaged drive solutions are products of the company's complete in-house engineering capabilities: from specification through design to delivery.

According to Paul Sacco, SEW-Eurodrive applications engineer, for systems ranging from 75 to 500kW, SEW-Eurodrive has the people to 'size it, design it, draw it and build it, in one hit'.

"One contact means complete control for the customer," said Sacco.

Although every drive system consists of a motor, gearbox and coupling, each case is unique. SEW-Eurodrive ensures the entire package is engineered to the application--from the choice of components, to the design of the mounting base plate.

"For these larger systems every case is a special case," said Sacco.

SEW-Eurodrive's Australian team of engineers perform a series of crucial design tasks to ensure seamless integration of an optimal drive system in each instance.

Polymer elements are incorporated between the coupling halves to dampen the shock forces.

"We use laser instrumentation to align the motor and the gearbox. This ensures that no external forces caused by coupling misalignment are present on the gearbox and motor shafts. Not only does this optimise performance, but it further increases the life of the bearings," said Sacco.

Another feature is a specially designed axial flow cooling fan mounted onto the gearbox high speed shaft which optimises the thermal performance of the gearbox.

For large bulk material handling type conveyor systems, SEW-Eurodrive designs and incorporates heavy-duty base plates. A torque arm provides the mechanical link between the base-plate and existing site steelwork.

The torque arm comprises two polymer flexible bearings to absorb most of the shock at start-up. Each bearing consists of an internal and external sleeve separated by a rubber compound.

"Whether we're designing for a conveyor that brings material from the bottom of a crusher to the top of a silo, or an overland coal conveyor at a power station, the tensile forces on the torque arm are significant," said Sacco.

Another important aspect of SEW-Eurodrive's packaged drive solutions is maintenance and support. A full customer 'operations and maintenance manual', specific to each system, accompanies each drive system delivered.

This handbook includes the engineering drawings, alignment report and individual maintenance manuals for each component--motor, coupling, reducer, and so on. This is further complemented by SEW-Eurodrive's nationwide 24-hour technical telephone support service.

"It's not enough to deliver the product and wave goodbye," said Sacco.

The packaged drive solutions are just one element of SEW-Eurodrive's industrial gear range which will be presented at the Mining and Energy Exhibition 2005.

The industrial gear range is designed to provide compact and versatile solutions for transmitting loads up to 1200 kNm of driving torque. SEW-Eruodrive's display will also include the SEW-Eurodrive high-torque and power 'P' series planetary gear units.

All of this can be viewed and discussed with the SEW-Eurodrive team at the Mining and Energy Exhibition 2005: stand 2100 at Muswellbrook Showground, Muswellbrook NSW, 20-22 September 2005.

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