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Industrial helical and planetary gear units

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article image P series planetary gear units shown as part of a 55kW cane carrier drive application.
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SEW-EURODRIVE has announced the expansion of its product range to include industrial gears.

Encompassing five series of helical and planetary gear units, the drive products are suitable for fixed industrial applications up to 1200kNm of driving torque.

Available separately or as part of complete drive solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE, the industrial gear product lines offer compact and versatile options for driving heavy machines.

The new gear units offer high power-density and modularity. This makes them suitable for conveyors, mixers, agitators, hoists and cranes across all branches of Australian industry.

The range is complemented by the company's focus on complete 'drive solutions' and end-to-end support.

"SEW-EURODRIVE takes total responsibility for the whole Industrial Gear drive system," Ian Tribe, SEW-EURODRIVE product manager for Industrial Gear Units said.

"From the design and construction of the baseplate, to supplying the motor, gear unit and drive electronics, we can provide our Australian customers with a one-stop shop."

The smallest items in the industrial gear range are the MC compact series and the more powerful M series. Employing either parallel-shaft arrangement with all helical gearing, or right-angle arrangement with bevel helical gearing, the gear units enable considerable space-savings, while supporting torques up to 65kNm and 180kNm respectively.

The modular, low-maintenance designs allow variety of application-specific options and mounting positions.

The CN series, SEW-EURODRIVE's third series of parallel and right-angle shaft gear units offers flexibility and variety. Designed to provide a gear unit for all applications, the CN series comes in various configurations to suit customer-specific applications, special solutions and customised machines and systems with up to 600kNm of torque.

Two series of planetary gear units are available for applications that require high torque and power transmission in a compact unit, the P series and the Q series. The P series offers torques up to 445kNm and the Q series offers up to 1200kNm.

Each SEW-EURODRIVE planetary gear unit shares its transmitted load between the teeth of four planet wheels on the output stage, achieving very high torque for their size and weight.

The P series is particularly suitable for drive solutions in the medium to upper torque range. This is due to its compact size and use of standard SEW-EURODRIVE geared motors as the primary stage, allowing for maximum design flexibility and quick delivery.

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