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Corrosion resistant hollow shaft mounting

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THE TorqLOC keyless hollow shaft mounting system, from SEW-EURODRIVE , offers manufacturers operating in wet and wash down environments a good solution for coupling drive systems to their machinery.

The design is flexible, easy to assemble and corrosion-free, improving drive removal even after lengthy periods of operation.

Hollow shaft mounting systems offer ease of mounting, space-savings and improved safety and maintenance. Despite this, traditional keyed hollow shaft and smooth parallel-bore hollow shaft solutions have suffered from corrosion problems, creating disassembly difficulties.

"The traditional hollow shaft designs are made of carbon steel and have a large contact area. But in a corrosive environment, it is very hard, and often impossible, to get the gearbox off the customer shaft," Paul Sacco, SEW-EURODRIVE applications engineer, said.

SEW-EURODRIVE's new TorqLOC system provides a keyless connection with shrink-disc. The interfacing surfaces rely on two conical tapered bushings made from bronze and nickel-plated steel (or stainless steel). The design is inherently corrosion-resistant making the system suitable for use in wet and wash down environments.

The use of the tapered bushing also means that TorqLOC offers flexibility in achieving conformance between the customer's and the hollow shaft. Unlike alternative designs, there is no requirement that the customer's shaft be machined to quality level h6 as the system will accommodate tolerances up to drawn material at h11.

By using SEW-EURODRIVE's interchangeable bushings, the one hollow shaft system can be used to adapt to different standard metric and imperial shaft sizes, up to 5mm below the nominal diameter.

Available for gear sizes from 37 to 97, the TorqLOC system is suitable for most industrial drive applications up to 4.3kNm of driving torque.

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