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Complete Movidrive 'B' series unveiled

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article image Comprising seven sizes in all, the Movidrive 'B' inverter series will be unveiled at Automate 2004.
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THE complete series of the Movidrive 'B' application inverter, from drives solutions provider SEW-Eurodrive , will be unveiled to visitors at the Automate exhibition in early October this year.

Comprising seven sizes in all, the Movidrive 'B' offers Australian manufacturers and OEMs an application inverter of optimal versatility, processing power, and cost-efficiency.

The Movidrive 'B' inverter series provides power capacities ranging from 0.55kW through to 132kW, for standard variable speed drives all the way up to sophisticated positioning and synchronous applications.

"Movidrive 'B' has really set a whole new performance standard for application inverters," said Darren Klonowski, applications engineer with SEW-Eurodrive.

"Now, with all seven sizes of the new Version 'B' available to Australian customers, the range of application possibilities are almost limitless."

The 'B' series inverter incorporates a multi-mode controller card that supports a broad spectrum of industrial applications. These range from the very basic control of an asynchronous motor in V/F operating mode, through to precision dynamic control of permanent magnet servo motors in CFC flux vector operating mode.

Movidrive 'B' supports RS485 and CANopen serial communications as standard, plus its own system bus, which permits peer-to-peer connection of up to 31 Movidrives.

Optional communications cards provide connectivity to the most common industrial fieldbus standards, including Profibus DPV1, Interbus, Interbus LWL and DeviceNet.

The 'B' series is fully supported by a comprehensive library of pre-configured software modules for quick configuration of table incremental and absolute positioning tasks, winding, synchronous operation, electronic camming, and more.

In applications where safety is of concern, the Movidrive 'B' has an integrated 'safety stop' feature. This allows a reduction of the interpose contactors required to achieve safe protection against restart in AS4024 (Safety of Machinery. Safety related parts of control system part 1) Category 3 applications.

Upgrade and maintenance of the Movidrive 'B' is particularly straightforward, as a result of its fully modular 'plug out/plug in' memory card. User friendliness is further enhanced by the inverter's new DBG60B fully numeric keypad with backlit matrix display.

The Movidrive 'B' boasts four times the code capacity of its predecessor (up to ten times the code processing speed), and is complemented by additional onboard digital I/O as standard.

A choice of programming methods is available, which include assembler code, C-complier or the pre-developed application modules.

In the fourth quarter of 2004, further enhancements to Movidrive 'B' will be announced. These include an external device PID controller, a 'smart' energy saving function that corrects stator magnetisation current according to load requirements, a 'KTY' motor winding temperature monitor input, and an optional 'Industrial Ethernet' communications card.

The complete Movidrive 'B' series will be officially unveiled at the SEW-Eurodrive Automate 2004 stand, stand No. A13, October 5-7, 2004, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne.

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