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article image A sectional view of the SEW-EURODRIVE DTE/DVE cast-copper rotor.
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SEW-EURODRIVE , has released Australias first range of compact high-efficiency induction motors based on advanced cast-copper rotor technology.

The new SEW-EURODRIVE DTE/DVE range of induction motors offers energy efficiency levels designed to exceed the EFF1 high-efficiency motor requirements specified in AS/NZS 1359 part 5 (Three-phase cage induction motors - High efficiency and minimum energy - performance standards requirements).

The cast-copper rotor technology permits EFF1 high-efficiency motor efficiency levels to be met in the same frame size as existing increased efficiency motors.

Motors used in Australia have been legally required to meet minimum energy performance standards (EFF2) since October 2001 as part of an Australian Greenhouse Office energy conservation program. The more stringent minimum energy performance requirements of high-efficiency EFF1 levels are mooted for nationwide enforcement in 2006.

While EFF1-compliant high-efficiency motors have been available to Australian industry for some time, these have to-date been based on technologies that can present installation and application problems.

"Other motor manufacturers achieve EFF1 by a range of methods, such as incorporating low-loss iron in the laminations, increasing the copper content in the stator windings, and generally increasing the active material in the motor," SEW-EURODRIVE engineering manager Frank Cerra said.

"While this achieves the high-efficiency EFF1 objective, the downside is that it quite often results in a higher inertia motor that is longer and larger in diameter than the standard motor.

"This can cause a range of practical drive-to-gear unit interface problems, reduce the dynamic performance characteristics of the motor, along with positional problems on the factory floor."

The SEW-EURODRIVE DTE/DVE series high-conductivity copper rotor efficiently reduces motor copper losses, along with the motor additional losses. This ensures a higher power density for a given motor size, when compared with the alternative high-efficiency motor design techniques.

SEW-EURODRIVE DT/DV series standard motor can be changed out and replaced with the equivalent DTE/DVE high-efficiency motor, making the motors suitable for factory floor retrofit and OEM design replication.

The DTE/DVE series motors also provide improved motor performance as a result of the cast-copper rotors reduced slip characteristics. The motors torque/speed curves exhibit a stiffer characteristic, ensuring greater speed stability under varying torque conditions and improved performance in inverter applications compared with traditional motors.

At first launch, the SEW-EURODRIVE DTE/DVE series cast-copper rotor motors is available in four-pole formats, in power sizes ranging from 0.75 to 37kW.

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