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Commercial vacuum cleaners from SEBO Australia

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SEBO Australia  supplies commercial vacuum cleaners that cleans the floor and helps in enhancing the air. The vacuum cleaner has a three-step filtration system that consists of a filter bag, a micro-hygiene filter and an exhaust filter. The vacuum cleaner offers excellent filter results. All vacuum cleaners supplied by SEBO Australia carry the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

SEBO Australia offers S-class filtration which is a high-quality filter material that is used in combination with a sealed vacuum cleaner casing. The filtration ensures that dust particles stay in the closed vacuum cleaner system. All vacuum cleaners from SEBO Australia have S-class filtration and can also be upgraded. The vacuum cleaners have a convenient hygiene lid that seals the bag after it is full. The vacuum cleaners do not operate unless the filter and bag are in place.

SEBO Australia offers Electret filter material which is a filtration system that takes place by using the principle of electrostatics. Several charged micro fibres block the opposite charged particles which allow a relative open structure that favours the air stream and simultaneously lowers the chance of plugging. This results in a smoother and long-lasting filtration.

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