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Industrial packaging specialists, SCHÜTZ DSL now have a new anti-static, multi-layer Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) available, which no longer requires fluorination when used for the long term storage of solvents and many agricultural chemical products. 
The SCHÜTZ ECOBULK MX-EX-EV anti-static IBC is a new addition to the SCHÜTZ IBC range, and is to replace the need for the inner bottle of the IBC to be fluorinated, whilst still maintaining important security and safety aspects normally associated with the SCHÜTZ IBC brand.
Fluorination has traditionally involved a complex process of oven heating an IBC inner bottle, and injecting an atmosphere of fluorine and nitrogen, to form a micro layer on the inside and outside surface of the hot HDPE container. The layer then reduces the tendency of some solvent based chemicals to migrate through the IBC bottle wall.
The multi-layer IBC unit consists of six different protective layers within the blow moulding process of the HDPE (high density polyethylene) IBC inner bottle. The inner layer, embedded between two adhesive layers, is known as EVOH. Made up of a combination of ethylene and vinyl alcohol, the vital layer acts as a complete barrier to oxygen, gas, aromas and organic solvents. The EVOH layer also reduces oxygen permeation which makes the new unit ideal for use in the food and beverage industries.
The new Security Layer technology also means that the outer layer of the IBC is electrostatically safe, thus providing added protection to the unit.
An antistatic outer layer on the MX-EX-EV means that the unit is also suitable for use in Ex-Zones 1 and 2, as the container is protected from hazardous electrostatic charges.  The MX-EX-EV is mounted on a steel pallet and an earthed outlet valve is used to discharge the electrostatic charge of the filling product. Currently, SCHÜTZ DSL offers the SX-EX IBC for use in EX-Zones, which is also used extensively in the solvent industry.
Fluorinated IBC’s will still be available from SCHÜTZ DSL when specifically requested by customers, and where coloured IBC’s are required.
SCHÜTZ ECOBULK IBC’s measure one cubic metre, and consist of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) blow moulded inner bottle, surrounded by a galvanised steel cage and mounted on either a steel, plastic or wooden pallet for easy handling. The units are designed for the packaging of industrial liquid products including solvents, chemicals and are UN approved for the packaging of hazardous goods in groups II and III. The units also have FDA approval for the packaging of food and beverages.
The new MX-EX-EV units are readily available from all SCHÜTZ DSL locations across Australia and South East Asia. The company expects that the immediate availability of the units will significantly reduce transport and handling costs for users, as previously, the IBC’s had to be transported from SCHÜTZ DSL in Melbourne to the fluorination plant in Sydney, and then onto the customer. The process normally required an extra 2 weeks to complete, depending on the locations of customers.

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