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Specialty Cereals uses IBC Solutions’ hopper containers

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Specialty Cereals is one of many IBC Solutions customers using Hopper IBCs now, having replaced hired Chep CB7 (manufactured in the same factory).

What makes them of particular interest is that they are a small medium enterprise that has recognised both the operational and financial advantages of owning containers.

“In the past,” says Stephen Dunn, Managing Director, “we hired containers on a permanent basis for process storage, but we did our sums and it was just too expensive to continue down that path.”

The difficulty was to decide whether to commit capital or finance the acquisition. “Once we looked at the finance costs, we realised that leasing was the only way to do it” continues Stephen. It was a stark reminder of the costs associated with permanent rental.

Purchasing the containers via a finance lease gave Specialty Cereals immediate operational savings as well. With the life of the containers expected to be between seven and ten years, the savings will be large over the period.

There have been further advantages from the purchase of its 120 containers. Speciality purchased three different colours (40 of each) and this allows them to easily identify where product is being stored. This is particularly important to them as they are a niche processor.

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