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Silicone band heaters for drums from SBH Solutions

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article image 152mm wide silicone heater band can be used on plastic drums

SBH Solutions Australia  introduces a new range of silicone band heaters to address a gap in its drum heating range.  

Developed in partnership with leading manufacturer of silicone band heaters, BEEHE, the drum heaters are being offered complimentary with the LMK Thermosafe products to customers who cannot afford or do not want to purchase an insulated heater jacket.  

Silicone band heaters are used for warming and heating up products in drums to around 40ºC, relying on concentrated heat radiating to the entire contents of the drum. The drum surface must be dent-free to ensure the durability and lifespan of the heater band.  

The silicone band heaters from SBH Solutions feature finger grips on the tightening spring to ease mounting on the drum, and very importantly have no exposed thermocouple to be damaged during use.  

SBH Solutions offers drum heaters in 1000w and 1500w options for standard metal drums in addition to band heaters for smaller 20-litre and 50-litre metal or plastic drums as well as for 205-litre plastic drums. Most suppliers in the market concentrate only on the high demand metal drum silicone heater bands.  

Nigel Smalls of SBH Solutions explains that the company wanted to offer their customers something for their smaller metal or plastic drums. To achieve this, the bands are designed wider to reduce heat density and have a 10ºC – 70ºC variable thermostat.

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