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Maintain heat within an IBC with insulated jackets from SBH Solutions

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article image LMK Thermosafe insulated jacket for maintaining heat within an IBC

With new insulated jackets from SBH Solutions there is now a more cost effective means of maintaining heat within an IBC.

More often than not, it is not heat that is required to prevent a product from cooling in an IBC - simply preventing loss of heat to the surrounding environment can be effective enough.

World expert in heating IBC's, LMK Thermosafe, has recognised this by introducing a one piece insulated jacket to fit around a standard bottle-in-cage IBC.

"Previously we offered a standard heating jacket without the heating circuits, but now this jacket is built for purpose and is significantly cheaper,” says Nigel Smalls of SBH Solutions.

Tests carried out with water starting at 35°C and a constant 18°C ambient showed that without insulation, temperature dropped 12°C in 24hours. However, with insulation, the drop was only 4°C when measured in the middle of the IBC.

To counteract the greater heat loss at that the bottom of the IBC, a version of the insulated jacket is available which covers the forklift tyne holes, yet allow the IBC to be lifted without removal of the jacket.

In the same tests, temperature at the bottom of the IBC dropped by 16°C in 24 hours in the uninsulated IBC, and only 7°C in 24 hours in the insulated IBC.

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