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Jacket style industrial heater systems from IBC Solutions

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article image LMK Thermosafe drum and IBC heater

LMK Thermosafe drum and IBC heaters are effective jacket style industrial heater systems.

The tendency is to think of them as a means of either raising the temperature of product from a solid to a liquid, or to prevent product becoming too cold or crystallised.

However, there is another use that some companies are waking up to, maintaining an already hot product at an appropriate temperature while it is then processed or stored over a period of time. Two such companies are case studied here and have achieved good results from their jackets.

Da Vinci Foods is a pasta manufacturer based in Melbourne, producing meals under its own brand and for own label supermarkets in Australia and South East Asia.

For a new product, Da Vinci Foods required a batch of sauce cooked at 90ºC to be maintained close to this temperature in an adjoining vat for a period of time while it was processed. While the vat was slightly larger than a 205 litre drum, Da Vinci Foods was able to use a standard HHD drum jacket, with extension straps to cover the additional 200mm circumference.

“The jacket is working great and has helped us keep product above required temperature in the holding vat. It was also a good commercial decision as it is relatively cheap (compared to other ways), is safer and separate insulation is not required for the vat” states Tony Di Sebastiano of Da Vinci.

Nulon Products, based in Sydney, is a privately owned performance lubricant manufacturer. Chris Pascoe, operations director, needed to maintain a temperature of around 40ºC in a bottle-in-cage IBC when a product (a viscosity index enhancer blended with 20% oil) was poured in at 60ºC.

IBC Solutions  recommended the LMK Thermosafe IBC1 with a single 1300w circuit, and an insulated lid.

“The trial worked perfectly” says Chris. “We only run a batch every few weeks, so it is good to be able to have a safe and easy-to-use solution that does not take up factory space when not in use”.

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