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IBC Solutions offers insulated heater jackets for viscous food ingredients

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article image LMK Thermosafe insulated heater jackets

IBC Solutions Australia recently introduced the LMK Thermosafe jacket range of high performance heater jackets into Australia. These are renowned in over 40 countries worldwide for their speed and efficiency of heating.

Manufactured from heavy duty waterproofed nylon for the outer layer, with a custom coated fibreglass inner layer, a high thermal efficiency is achieved by the silicone insulated heating element sandwiched in between and woven back and forth along the length of the jacket.

Heat loss to the surrounding air is much less than with traditional band heaters, and as heat is applied and spread more evenly, energy consumption is significantly lower than either this method or heat boxes. Capillary thermostats ensure reliable temperature maintenance in a range 0º to 90ºC. The jackets are available to suit plastic or metal and container sizes from 25 litres to 1000 litres.

So far applications in Australia have included:

  • Replacement of heater pads in folding bag-in-box to ensure a more efficient and even transfer of heat to sunscreen ingredients;
  • Rapidly raising the temperature of 25 litre pails of wax to working temperature;
  • Maintenance of temperature of cooked food sauce poured at +80ºC into a vessel prior to mixing;
  • Raising temperature of glue in 205 litre drums to ensure consistent robotic application to windows during cold weather in a car assembly plant;
  • Overnight anti-freezing of chemicals in bottle-in-cage IBC on remote mining site.

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