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Heater jackets from SBH Solutions have got ‘grease-tainers’ covered

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article image Grease tank heater around a Transtainer RTM-145 with external gauge

SBH Solutions Australia  has collaborated with LMK Thermosafe to develop a new range of heater jackets for use on a variety of round or square ‘grease-tainers’ or containers such as Fuchs Lubritainer and Transtainer.  

Nigel Smalls of SBH Solutions explains that keeping grease flowing is a common problem for maintenance personnel at mines all over Australia, particularly where there is high usage as well as a need to rotate the grease-tainers on a regular basis.  

Grease-tainers often have pumps protruding from one side as in Fuchs Lubritainers or Transtainer HF Series, or gauges welded vertically such as in the Traintainer RM Series, making the task of wrapping a heater jacket around the container very difficult.  

SBH Solutions designed a new range of heater jackets specifically to address this problem. The heater jacket covers three sides of the rectangular grease-tainers with long straps joining the two ends across the front. Jackets for round grease-tainers have shorter straps joining the two ends through the gauge area.  

Vertical straps help keep the grease tank heaters in position and assist with ease of mounting by one operator.  

Nigel adds that SBH’s ability to quickly design and manufacture jackets to suit different sizes, while maintaining the generic thermostat feature as well as the robust insulated nature of LMK Thermosafe heaters is a real asset for their customers.  

SBH Solutions also offers a heavy duty PVC removable over-cover specially developed to protect the heater jacket from dust and rain, and extend its longevity, especially in outdoor applications.  

Some early adopters in 2011:  

  • Transtainer on RTM-145
  • Barminco on RTM-145 with PVC over-cover
  • Newmont Jundee: Fuchs Lubritainers containing Ceplattyn and Stabyl greases at various locations on site warmed by static electric air heaters, which were replaced by heater jackets with PVC over-covers
  • Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold: Fuchs Lubritainer containing Ceplattyn in outdoor application including PVC over-cover


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