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Case Study: Food manufacturing heating solutions

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article image Insulated jackets – full length and half height

SBH Solutions Australia offers a wide range of heating solutions for processing honey.

SBH Solutions’ heating solutions are provided based on the volume, ambient temperature, time availability and budget. 

Insulated jackets for 205-litre drums

The HHD 1000w full length insulated jackets for 205-litre drums not only provide substantial insulation against heat loss, but also even heating all the way around the drum from top to bottom. Leaving the drum overnight in a shed or factory will generally see the honey heated without any discolouration or loss of quality, with the temperature control provided by a capillary thermostat.

The HJD 450w half height jacket features a slightly thinner insulation and also comes with a thermostat. Getting the desired results using this jacket depends on the starting ambient temperature. Some customers such as Brookfarm have been known to use both HHD and HJD jackets on different manufacturing lines.

Unable to justify the cost of insulated jackets, smaller users use silicone band heaters, which can be 15% of the cost of an HHD. These rely on a significant heat density being applied to a small area, which dissipates around the drum surface or into the product quickly enough not to damage or discolour the contents. 

SBH Solutions’ 750w band at 152mm wide dissipates heat the most, but in many areas would not be sufficient due to the starting ambient; some users may therefore opt for the 76mm wide 1000w or even the 102mm wide 1500w band. 

IBC heater jackets

SBH Solutions recommends the 2200w IBC2 jacket and lid, or the 2000w IBC1 Hi-Heat. The IBC2 offers the advantage of allowing a different temperature to be set at the top half, or for the top circuit to be switched off as the volume in the container is used up. However, the IBC1 Hi-Heat is used successfully by Beerenberg instead of the heated ISO container where they once stored their IBCs. This made-to-order jacket includes insulated skirts that hang in the pallet space to reduce air movement under the base. 

Custom heater jackets

SBH Solutions can custom make heater jackets to suit different drums or IBCs. The company manufactured a heater jacket in a special size for Capilano’s stainless steel drum used on the sachet line since it took so long to empty that the honey taken from the heating oven needed to be maintained at a level temperature.


Insulated heater jackets provide the most energy efficient solution for drums or IBCs. Silicone heater bands must be used with care because the heat density can damage the honey. IBC heater jackets are effective but slow. For very large volumes, drum or IBC ovens still offer an alternative, although they are expensive to purchase and run.

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