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Bulk-E storage container from IBC Solutions Australia

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With a 1.4m3 capacity, and a history of use as a latex and rubber storage and transportation container, the Bulk-E represents a no frills unit for use with a number of lose or solid products.

The No Frills is achieved by a patented locking mechanism which allows Bulk-E to be demounted when not in use and stacked with an average height of just over 200mm.

The Bulk-E can be quickly assembled, and can be loaded from the top, or from the side with one gate removed.

No Frills also reflects an economic price for the unit. This is good for those looking for an option for warehousing bulk items.

The Bulk-E can be stacked 5 high in a warehouse with a carrying weight of up to 1050kg.

In fact, the Bulk-E can be tailored to suit a customer’s dimensions (volume dependent).

Bulk-E storage container is available from IBC Solutions Australia.

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