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Trolley system introduced by SATO

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Trolley system from SATO is a mobile printing station for the warehouse environment. This trolley system includes everything the user needs for inventory control, shipping or checking operations in the warehouse.


SATO can provide a special trolley with a barcode printer, a mobile battery, a power supply, a scanner and wireless-LAN tools.

A PC, a keyboard and a regular office printer can also be mounted on the trolley and connected to the host CPU and other equipments. All the equipment work wireless under the host system.


The trolley system from SATO cuts the operation down-time, as operators can print on-site and do not need to go back to a centralised printing location every time.

With SATO’s trolley system your PC can be constantly connected to the host computer and the operator can even print any shipping document anywhere in the warehouse at any moment of warehouse transactions.

SATO’s trolley system is a low cost, highly reliable and flexible solution for warehouse environment.


The trolley system consists of a steal framed robust trolley on which the user can load the thermal printer, a scanner, a PC, a battery and even a regular office printer to even print the shipping invoice on site.

As the battery unloading system is included in this application, the user need not carry the heavy battery when there is the need to charge it.

With this application it is important to consider the power consumption.


By running a host emulation program on the PC, the trolley system PC is constantly connected with the host computer. Therefore, the user can control the host computer from the site where they work without having to relocate to the back office.

With wireless LAN, IEEE802.11b, or wired LAN, 10Base-T&100Base-TX, interface card, the host can access the printer directly or through the PC on the trolley system.

This allows great flexibility as the host can know the status of the printer at any time and place.


SATO labels and carbon ribbons are continuously tested to ensure maximum print performance.

SATO approved labels, both direct thermal and thermal transfer are available in a range of sizes and materials for warehouse labelling operations.

SATO offers a wide range of carbon ribbons to suit different applications.

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