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Forklift printing system introduced by SATO

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SATO ’s new mobile printing system provides both picking and shipping labels to improve the picking and checking operations in the warehouse environment.

SATO’s forklift printing system consists of a mobile printer mounted on the forklift and a hand-held terminal with LCD screen.

When a new order is received, the driver first scans the shelf label and then the barcode on the product which are then communicated to the host.

If the location and the product are correct, the host automatically sends a shipping label to the SATO thermal printer confirming that the label and the picked item are matching.


SATO’s forklift printing system includes a mobile printer which can be connected to a host computer via a radio frequency terminal.

Forklift printers are prepared with DC-DC converters which allow them to be connected with a battery mounted on a forklift.


Accurate and readable labels are crucial for any automated shipping and receiving operation. Automation of these operations eliminates errors and delays.

On-demand-printing allow operators to print the correct labels on site and place them directly on the product or box during the picking process.

As the printing is on-demand, operators do not need to travel to a centralised printing location to send the data and pick up the label.

Therefore, they will be able to process significantly more items per shift leading to cost savings.

Receive order and proceed to the shelf for picking:

  • Scan the barcode on the product and check that the picked item is correct
  • When all information is correct, print a shipping label on the thermal printer
  • Scan the barcode on the shelf to check that the location is correct


This system consists of a thermal printer, a printer mounting kit, DC-DC converter and a RS-232C cable, if the connection between the hand-held terminal and the printer is via RS-232C.

As the printer is small in size, it does not disturb the working space on the forklift. The thermal printer has also a dispensing function, which improves the on-site labelling.

Site survey is required to have a proper mounting kit. The DC-DC converter and the cable will be chosen based on the forklift specifications.


With wireless LAN or IEEE802.11b interface, the host can access the printer directly as well as through the hand-held terminal on the forklift.

This means that the host can know the status of the printer whenever necessary. The RS-232C connection with the host provides stable data communication via the hand-held terminal.


SATO labels and carbon ribbons are continuously tested to ensure maximum print performance.

SATO approved labels, both direct thermal and thermal transfer are available in a range of sizes and materials for warehouse labelling operations.

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