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Multifunction Power Meters from SATEC (Australia) Pty Ltd

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SATEC (Australia) Pty Ltd  supplies the PM130 PLUS power meter series that offers advanced performance for power instrumentation.  

Multifunction power meters are a cost-effective means for analogue instrument replacement, eliminating the need for selector switches and allowing simultaneous viewing of all phases.  

SATEC’s PM130 PLUS multifunction power meters feature ‘all measurements in one’ digital design that reduces installation, switch, wiring, termination and signal conditioning costs.  

The PM130 PLUS power meter series is widely accepted for use on low voltage panel boards as well as medium and high voltage switchgear with the use of appropriate current and voltage transformers where required.  

SATEC’s PM130 range of multifunction power meters features:

  • Fast, real-time, cycle by cycle measurements, averaging values of 8, 16, 32 or 64 cycles selectable from the front panel
  • Choice of models ranging from basic voltage, current, frequency and power to up to over 100 electrical parameters locally as well as about 100 electrical parameters over communications
  • Four-Quadrant energy measurements
  • Min/Max values (instantaneous and demand)
  • Communication functions can include RS485 as well as Ethernet with supportive protocols Modbus, DNP3 and Profibus

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