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Satellite telephones from Satellite Appliance Sales

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Satellite Appliance Sales  specialises in providing communication solutions. These communication solutions are suitable for both rural and urban applications. Diverse range of current services provided by Satellite Appliance Sales include design, installation, supply of communication as well as entertainment systems, internet as well as satellite VSAT systems, satellite earth station equipment and MATV systems.

Satellite Appliance Sales offers minesite services. Various minesite services from Satellite Appliance Sales include retransmission of television channels as well as cable systems. These cable systems carry two television channels via off satellite mode and also carry one in house video channel via VCR. Satellite Appliance Sales has also provided cable distribution systems for minesites that have capacity including 22 channels and 1500 outlets.

Satellite Appliance Sales provides various other communication solutions that include satellite telephones. These satellite telephones are available in two models like Optus MobileSat and Globalstar. Optus MobileSat mobile satellite telephone system from Satellite Appliance Sales has been specifically designed for mining, transport, construction, maritime as well as agricultural industries. Globalstar from Satellite Appliance Sales is a handheld satellite phone service and provides added feature of accessibility to Vodafone GSM network.

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