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Materials handling equipment from SAM Technology

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SAM Technology  specialises in materials handling equipment such as automated guided vehicles, automated systems and conveyor equipment. SAM Technology has considerable experience in the design, manufacture, installation, relocation and upgrading of production plants in various process industries. SAM Technology has designed and manufactured materials handling systems for various industries including automotive, aluminium, steel, magnesium and food industries.

SAM Technology can also work with the specialist partner as a subcontractor and provides on site manufacturing, engineering services as well as after sales services. SAM Technology has considerable amount of experience in designing and installing turnkey systems and robots, ranging from a single robot installation to total turnkey installation.

SAM Technology employs design and installation engineers and technicians and performs either in house design or partners with expert companies. SAM Technology also provides design and consultancy service and has designed and built its own equipment. SAM Technology undertakes contract, designs and supplies electronic service to the manufacturing industry. SAM Technology has the programming skills for most PLCs and SCADA systems and can also integrate new systems with existing management systems. SAM Technology provides total process management systems and local warehouse controls.

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