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Company Focus: Product certification and quality management systems provided by SAI Global

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article image SAI Global provides information, training and certification services to a wide range of industry sectors

Compliance with national and international Standards, whether product or process based can assist organisations to improve the efficiency, economy and profitability of business operations.

Where mandated product certification is required, it is essential that businesses work with a broadly recognised certification service to ensure not only that their products are safe for use, but also to limit their own liability for civil and criminal penalties.

Management systems certification provides clients, employees and stakeholders with confidence in the way an organisation conducts itself through compliance with a recognised system.

The most widely referenced management systems Standards are created by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). These are International Standards that have been created by committees with representatives from around the world - providing a guideline on global best practice.

SAI Global is a global training, audit and certification provider. In this series, we will discuss a number of services offered by SAI Global, including product certification and quality management system certification.

Before we turn to the first of these services, it is worthwhile discussing how the company operates. SAI Global is broadly divided into three business units; an Information Services Division, Compliance Division and Assurance Division. While the services we will discuss are primarily provided by the Assurance Division, the other two business units provide valuable information, business solutions and training designed to complement the audit, assessment and certification functions of the Assurance Division.

The Information Services Division deals specifically with the provision of Standards, regulations, directives and legislation. With over one million Standards on their online webshop, SAI Global information Services provides access to Standards from Australia, ISO, China, US, Europe and more.

The Compliance Division provides technology-enabled business solutions relating to Governance, Risk and Compliance. These include Ethics and Compliance Training, Compliance Updates and Risk Management

SAI Globals' Assurance Division assists organisations in achieving process or product certification and driving improvement. This is achieved through the provision of training, audits and supplier management programs designed to improve business performance.

Further, the Assurance Division provides independent audits, assessments and certification of products or business processes to ensure they comply with industry standards or customer specific requirements. With auditing and assessment staff located around the world, clients include large global corporations as well as single site organisations.

In the next part of this series, we will focus on SAI Global's third party assurance, product certification and testing services, in particular the company's well recognised StandardsMark.

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