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Warning: Work Safely Around Industrial Belt Drives

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  has been providing on-site maintenance inspections and belt drive design advice to conveyor and transmission belt customers since 1975.  

Safety in and around belt drives is always of paramount concern during these inspections.  

Most companies operate thorough occupational health and safety (OH&S) procedures and in every circumstance, these should be understood before proceeding with any site work.  

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. However, ‘everyone’ is an individual and personal responsibility means exactly that.  

Proper belt drive maintenance can significantly boost company productivity. Belts and pulleys last longer as well as run smoother with lower noise, less vibration and much greater levels of energy efficiency. But belt drive maintenance ‘best practice’ begins with Safety.  

When maintaining industrial belt drives, be alert to the potential for injuries from sharps, high temperatures, high speed abrasions, pinch points, confined spaces, unexpected movement, height hazards (gravity), blunt force injuries from excessive force or uncontrolled release of belt tension, unbalanced loads, airborne hazards, inadequately secured pulleys, bushings and grub screws to name a few.  

Keep a well organised and planned ‘order of works’ with as little clutter as possible in addition to proper lighting for good visibility.  

Most importantly, seek advice about belt drive maintenance and safety from experts. The original suppliers of the machinery including drive belts, pulleys and conveyors can provide valuable information in addition to most reputable aftermarket industrial drive belt and conveyor belt suppliers.  

Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co can help customers interested in on-site belt preventive maintenance training seminars for their employees. These training seminars include detailed advice about safety when working with belts and include technical literature hand-outs.  

They cover predictive maintenance, belt identification, drive trouble-shooting, inspection, cause and effect failure mode analysis, proper drive installation as well as hands-on demonstrations of the latest drive analysis technology for laser alignment, load/ speed/ power CAD programs and sonic tension testers.

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