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Uni plastic modular belts supplied by Rydell to assist the Postal Service

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Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co is supplying plastic modular belts from Ammeraal Beltech Modular (Uni) to help the Postal Service reduce downtime and increase productivity.  

Represented in Australia by Rydell, Ammeraal Beltech (Uni) has developed special modular plastic belts and special materials for applications within the Postal Service.  

Ammeraal Beltech’s plastic modular belts offer better performance than standard flat belting in various postal applications.  

For instance, Ammeraal Beltech Modular utilises the Uni Light belt on a sorting incline belt. Featuring POM-LF material with Rib, Rough Top polyether block amides, a rubber flight in a special pattern, the belts maximise the throughput of the mail and enable the equipment that they feed to operate at maximum speeds on a consistent basis.  

Key benefits of Uni modular plastic belts:  

  • Increases mail throughput and productivity 
  • Reduces belt cost and maintenance by offering 5-10 times the life of flat belting 
  • Enables quick removal for cleaning and overall maintenance of the unit 
  • Eliminates tracking, lacing and stretch problems on long, straight and level runs     
Postal applications:
  • Incline application 
  • Straight running application 
  • Diverting and control applications 
  • High capacity handling 
  • Acceleration and accumulation applications

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