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Uni SNB M2 20% now stocked in Australia by Rydell

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  has further strengthened their support of the Uni Chains range of plastic modular belts by stocking the SNB M2 20% range locally in Australia.

The expansion of the stock in Australia goes hand-in-hand with Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co’s commitment to service and support of the entire Uni Chains range.

This new offering is one of the bestsellers in the Uni Chains range and provides a great solution to general conveying requirements with the 20% open feature complementing the existing QNB belt series, which is only available in a closed top surface. The open area of the belt makes the SNB M2 20% belt perfect for applications where drainage or airflow is required in the process.

Hayden Lester, Application Engineer for Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co, states that the belt is often used for process conveyors, and as such, fills a small gap in the local stock range, where previously there was no offering, demonstrating their commitment to Uni Chains in Australia. It is important for belts in these applications to have high hygiene and facilitate easy cleaning, with Uni SNB M2 20% doing this perfectly to the extent that it meets the strict guidelines of the USDA for Meat and Poultry Equipment with Food Contact. Further, the material choice available makes it suitable for high load applications including accumulation as well as for conveyors in extreme, sub-zero environments.

The 1” pitch belt, with the flat surface, makes the Uni SNB M2 20% suitable for gentle transport of sensitive products, yet still capable of handling high loads. The design of the unique lockpin locking system enables easy assembly and less downtime. The belt is now available in Australia in Blue POM (Acetal) and uses a PA6.6 (Nylon) lockpin.

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