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Uni Flex SNB side flexing belt from Rydell Industrial

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Rydell Industrial presents Uni Chain’s Uni Flex SNB side flexing belt that helps solve mass handling dilemmas in the can manufacturing industry.

Straight running conveyors, with a 90 degree transfer, are usually used in handling cans. These cans are transported in many rows on a wide belt and usually with accumulation.

However using straight running conveyor belts with 90 degree transfer can create dead plate transfer points that causes cans to tip over and the eventually a line blockage that can only be cleared by hand.

The Uni Flex SNB side flexing belts are able to run straight and turn around corners to allow a 90 degree transfer point that is stable, self-clearing and prevents cans from tipping over.

Even though side flexing conveyor belts are weaker than straight running belts, Uni Chains offers SS reinforcing links that are available with the Uni Flex SNB. The SS reinforcing links allows the conveyer to have more curves with a single drive and fewer transfer points for the cans.

The Uni Flex SNB consist of injected moulded pins in nylon material, which provides better roundness tolerance and better contact from pin to hinge. Unlike extruded pins, moulded pins give the belt longer wear life and helps reduce the need for belt replacements.  SS pins can also be used on the belt for added wear resistance.

The Uni chains’ Uni Flex SNB side flexing belts are available from Rydell Industrial. The Uni Flex SNB conveyor belts can be used to make long straight running and side flexing conveyors, all with one drive.

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