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Rydell supplies the complete range of Gates Industrial Rubber Hose

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co are proud to be associated with Gates Australia and the very comprehensive range of Gates Industrial Rubber Hose.  

Gates have a very extensive range of industrial rubber hose which includes the following:  

Gates Terminator Hose  

Terminator is one tough hose with a rugged cover for outstanding abrasion resistance and extended service life where constant flexing and bending is required.

This top of the line premium oil resistant hose is designed for applications involving air, oil and water. As well as grease sprays, paraffin waxes, salt solutions, and a variety of chemicals. It offers excellent durability for extra long life in mining, air drill, construction, poultry plants, abattoirs, quarries, shipyards, food processing , railroads and other severe environments. Terminator has excellent weather and ozone resistance and non-conductive at 1000 volts DC Working pressure: 501psi, Temperature: -40 to +100 degrees C continuous service.  

Gates Premoflex Hose  

Premoflex is the perfect choice for multiple applications requiring a highly flexible cost effective hose with maximum resistance to petroleum oils, kerosene and fuel oil (to 49 degrees) and lubricating oils (to 100 degrees).

Premoflex can be used for transferring petrol or diesel fuels. It is also suitable for air and water applications, offers excellent weather and ozone resistance, and is nonconductive at 1000 volts DC.

Working pressure: 250psi, Temperature: -40 to +100 degrees C continuous service  

Gates 18MB Air Drill (Wire Braid) Hose   Premium quality 18MB is ready when the going gets tough. It is designed for extra heavy duty high pressure use on industrial, construction and pneumatic mining applications requiring a sturdy wire braided hose with an oil resistant tube and abrasion resistant cover. Working pressure: 500psi Temperature: -34 to +100 degrees C continuous service  

Gates Food & Beverage Master  

Featuring  a glass smooth SANITRON tube, Food & Beverage Master is ideal for the transfer of a range of products requiring an FDA sanitary hose including wine, beer, ale, milk, juices , soft drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and water based products that require an FDA sanitary hose. It is also suitable for many dry bulk products via suction, pneumatic or gravity transfers where a sanitary hose is required.  

Gates 232 Steam Queen Hose  

Steam Queen features a specially compounded, perforated synthetic rubber cover intended for use where the hose is exposed to oils, grease, fats and similar materials. It will handle all types of steam – saturated and superheated – up to 250psi + 232 degrees C  

Gates Mustang Acid Chemical Hose  

Mustang contains a wire helix for full suction capability, as well as for routing hoses through tight bends. Its “Gatron” Modified Cross Linked Polyethylene tube stock is “best in class” for maintaining a tight seal with stainless steel fittings, and is designed for cleaning with “open end” 50 psi steam or in a bath containing 10% (NaOH) @ 100 degrees C.

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