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Rydell supplies Rapplon high performance flat drive belts for many applications

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  is the Australian agent for Ammeraal Beltech high performance flat drive belts.
Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech offer a complete range of high quality flat drive belts made on state-of-the-art production equipment. This includes classical nylon core belting as well as modern belt constructions with thermoplastic inner layers.
Rapplon high performance drive belts offer outstanding advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long service life
  • Extended bearing life
  • Shock and vibration absorbing
  • Energy saving
Rapplon high performance flat belts serve as drive belts and as machine tapes for industrial processes. Extremely wear resistant covers, with high grip or low friction, match the ever increasing requirements of uniform and stable speed transmission. To cope with all specific demands, these flat belts feature excellent quality coatings such as textiles, selected chrome leather, rubber elastomer, natural rubber and thermoplastic elastomers.
Rydell sells Rapplon flat drive belts to the following industries:

  • Print & paper industry
  • Box folding
  • Mail sorting
  • Logistics
  • Power transmission
  • Textile industry
Print & Paper Industry
Ammeraal Beltech high performance machine tapes offer ideal solutions for sheet-fed printing equipment. All belts ensure antistatic properties for precise transfer of paper.
To maximise belt life, the company offers innovative belting technology for the extremely demanding and fast folding process in web printing and rotogravure printing systems.

Uniform feed, precise positioning, no ink smear and no marking of paper are typical characteristics of Rapplon machine tapes. Ammeraal Beltech offers belts with high and low friction to suit specific demands. Elastic machine tapes are designed for common shafts and their Quick-Splice technique allows fitting of belts within a few minutes.
Box Folding Industry
The Rapplon range of Quick-Splice box folding belts to suit high-speed machines is now available.
Unique benefits for guaranteed success:

  • Quick-Splice joining within 6 minutes – no running direction to be observed
  • Up to 40% proven energy savings – twists and flexings generate heat resulting in waste of energy
  • Highly flexible – mastered for flexings, twists and small pulleys
  • High edge stability – wear resistant belt edges to avoid edge fraying on guide rails
  • Dimensional stability – suits short take-ups with moisture insensitive PES tension member
  • Long service life – extremely efficient and wear resistant XNBR cover
  • Low noise – special belt design
Mail Sorting and Logistics
Rapplon tapes ensure a firm and positive pull of documents while eliminating skewing, jams and sorting errors.
Rapplon flat belts offer high-quality characteristics for perfect mail sorting:

  • Quick Splice belts – easy belt replacement, no adhesives
  • Elastic belts – fixed shafts
  • Special covers – gentle mail piece handling
  • Antistatic properties – prevention of dust accumulation
  • Engineered for high-speed – highest sorting capacities
  • Fabric reinforced – no permanent elongation
  • Highly wear resistant – long service life
Rapplon flat belt applications include the following:

  • Feeder transport
  • Leveller
  • Pick-off
  • Format control
  • Address reader
  • Bar-encoding/ reading
  • Delay
  • Pre-stacker
Power Transmission – Flat Belt Drives
Rapplon classic polyamide core drive belts remain the prime choice for applications with high start-up torques, severe load fluctuations and safe belt tracking. Rapplon belts with stretched polyamide foil tension member are easy on bearings and shafts and can be optimally configured for energy saving transmission configurations.
Various covers are available: 

  • Chrome leather for high loads, oily, dusty and wet applications
  • Elastomers for high efficiency
  • Grooved rubber for high start-up torque and reduced shaft loads
The GR and heavy GT ranges conform to ATEX Category 3 Directive 94/9/EC – 11 3GD c T80°C.
Textile Industry
Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech offer belting solutions for the entire yarn production line from cotton cleaning and fibre preparation, through carding all the way to spinning and twisting applications.
Rapplon EC-Tape is a highly economical and efficient spindle tape. It is dimensionally stable and permanently antistatic. It is highly flexible and its high friction elastomer cover is abrasion resistant contributing to considerable energy savings.

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